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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Nov 3, 2021

Welcome to Episode 69 of Intuitive Queens Podcast.⁠

In this episode I interview Simone Sumers, online training expert.

Simone's story is the confirmation on how everything you do in life, is interconnected and with time you can connect the dot and use everything you have done, to create a business that makes you feel fulfilled.

Simone's story is also a story of incredible strength, deep inner knowing and powerful mindset, which have all helped and guided to move through 2 incidents that stopped her from doing anything for a while but, that forced her to only believe in what she knew was true and with that, change her life completely.

Simone and I talk about:⁠

  • following a desire to change country
  • finding opportunities based on your skills
  • following your passions 
  • planning a life based on what is going on 
  • being stopped completely by an accident
  • having to adjust your life in order to heal
  • reinventing yourself
  • not listening to doctors saying you'll never walk again
  • following your inner knowing and believe you will walk again and things will go to normal
  • the power of a strong mindset and how it can help you overcome big challenges
  • how not having had a good childhood can help build inner strength in order to be independent 
  • believing in yourself and following what your body tells you
  • being grateful all your experiences because they make who you are
  • connecting all the dots and creating a business that you love
  • chasing who to work with and how to do it
  • always connecting to your intuition, yourself and your body and not what other people say

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