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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

Welcome to episode 89 of Intuitive Queens Podcast.


I am breaking off the series related to colours to bring a very amazing guest, who works with flowers!

Yes, that’s right and what’s more colourful than flower?


My guest today is Katie Hess, she is a flower alchemist, Author of the flower revolution and founder of Lotuswei.


Katie tells us how she entered the world of flower following her intuition to do something big in the world.

With time and her need to explore she met an expert in flower essence who taught her all about the healing power of flowers, and from that moment Katie knew, she had to bring this world. 


This was her vision to do something more and worthwhile for the world and connect to her kind of people.


In this episode Katie and I talk about:


  • The role intuition played in her life since she was little
  • How she had this desire since she was little to do something big for the world
  • Realising that flowers and their healing powers responded to this big vision she had
  • Starting a business with flowering from scratch, just following this pull and inner knowing 
  • Our connection to nature
  • How flowers can help you in healing yourself 
  • How Katie find and choses flowers
  • How her intuition guides her to the right flowers 
  • There is always the right flower, for every situations we’re going through globally
  • Talking and connecting to the flowers, plants and Mother Nature
  • How we’re all interconnected 
  • Using flower essences to heal and better your life and why it’s important
  • Becoming a global community
  • Tips on how to connect to your intuition and nature

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