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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Jan 1, 2019

Welcome to a brand new and amazing episode of Intutive Queens Podcast from your Intuition Queen.


It’s the 1st January of 2020, so Happy New Year all.

Today’s guest is very special, her name is Bee Kalender but please call her The Manifesting Queen!


Bee is specialised in manifestation and will give us some great tips on how to manifest what we want for this new year.


So please, before you start writing your goals and the resolutions for this year, make sure you listen to the full episode.


Bee tells us how she removed herself from an abusive relationship and a job she hated to become a manifesting queen.


She will tell us what made her switch and how she moved from a low vibrational state to a higher energy that allowed her to always move forward until she was ready and aligned to manifest more and more.


We talk about how it is important to understand what limiting beliefs you might have around what you are trying to manifest.

Way too often we take-action towards what we want but we struggle to get it.


That’s because we don’t vibrate high enough. Our thoughts do not match what we want, we might be too afraid or too frustrated etc.


Bee walks us through how she turned her life around and gives us specific tools that we can all use to manifest what we want.


It’s important to connect to ourselves and keep our thoughts and energies in a positive state and trust.


To catch some amazing tools and listen to Bee’s full story, listen ot he full episode on Itunes, Spotify or watch it on my You Tube Channel @theintuitionqueen







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