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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Dec 15, 2021

Welcome to Episode 75 of Intuitive Queens Podcast.⁠

In this episode I interview Franccesca Parodi, Water Witch, healer and Tarot Reader.


Franccesca’s story is all about breaking the chain of old patterns and beliefs, especially religious beliefs and finding her own path questioning what she knew, listening to her intuition, discovering a new more aligned way to be and express herself and connect to the feminine power, the wild woman within.



Franccesca and I talk about:⁠


  • How Franccesca started questioning what she knew
  • Becoming interested in Tarot, despite her religious beliefs growing up catholic
  • Following her intuition for the first time and moving from Peru to United States
  • Getting connected to nature in a deeper and more soulful way
  • Being afraid of people’s judgement
  • How Franccesca’s spiritual awakening Brough her to want to learn more about the feminine power
  • Finding support online
  • Learning to listen, trust and act upon her intuition
  • Learning to release control and go with the flow
  • What it means to go with the flow
  • Starting a business after being laid off, in the middle of a pandemic
  • Wanting to teach mums about self-care and deep connection
  • The importance of starting from small steps, to then increase and follow your intuition 
  • Using the pandemic to study and prepare her business to launch
  • The importance of committing to yourself




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