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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Mar 25, 2020

Welcome to Episode 32 of Intuitive Queens podcast from your Intuition Queen.


My name is Mara and I have created this podcast to inspire you with the stories of my guests and how they overcame fears, limiting beliefs, tragedies and obstacles and managed to find their purpose following their intuition.

My hope is that you will resonate with one or all of them and their story will get you to take-action to change your life, and finally go after your dreams.


In this episode I am Interviewing Victoria Hopkins who is a shadow work facilitator and owner of Intuitive Wellness.


Victoria tells us how anxiety has always been part of her life and how she has always been a very sensitive kid.

At the time she didn’t know the word empath and that sensibility was her way to respond to what was going around.


In her twenties she has her first experience to what it means to connect to her heritage, her intuition and that opened up a new world for Victoria.


Victoria explains how this trip helped her to embrace parts of herself that she had been thought to hide and learnt to embrace her feelings, especially her anxiety.



This led her to start doing some shadow work and healing which gave her a sense of awareness. Victoria learnt not to identify with her anxiety and that changed a lot of things for her.


What really made a shift however, was the passing of her father.

In the middle of grief, while healing she realised that a lot of the anxiety and fear she had always experienced was not even hers, but her father’s.


Victoria talks about carrying over emotions from our ancestors and how, once you understand where they come from, you are able to release them and move forward.


Working on your shadows might be scary but Victoria tells us why it’s important and what happens after you learn and you become aware of how your emotions and old situation play a part in your present life.

Doing shadow work will help you free yourself from feelings that keep you stuck.


For Victoria it was her need to stop feeling anxious that lead her to start doing shadow work and that with time brought her to learn and understand how she could turn this experience in something that could serve others going through similar issues.


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