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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Jan 12, 2022

Welcome to Episode 79 of Intuitive Queens Podcast.⁠

In this episode I interview Kathryn Marie Herbert, LGBTQIA+ mentor and coach 

Kathryn tells us how a terrible pain in her head that the doctors couldn't find a cause to brought her to finally be honest with herself and journal about what was going on, how she felt.

A word led to another until she finally admitted to herself to be gay and to have always been gay.

This major revelation opened up a path she could never expected and gave release to her pain. For this reason she know helps and empowers other people in the LGBTQIA+ community through coaching, reiki and past life regression.

Kathryn and I talk about:⁠

  • How the pain in her head started 
  • Asking the universe and god for help in finding a diagnose and relief
  • How during medical leave she started journalling and eventually came out to herself in her journal 
  • all the fears that surrounded her about being honest with her family and friends
  • Knowing to be attracted to girls but pretending to be straight for years
  • Finally feeling authentically herself the moment she came out and how everything shifted for her
  • Learning healing modalities to help her in her journey
  • Speaking her truth and finding her purpose
  • Religious trauma and subconscious beliefs around sexuality
  • Internalised homophobia
  • Not knowing how to cope and self-sabotaging 
  • How confusion and suppression blocked her to look for help and find queer people to talk to
  • Knowing to be gay from a young age but feeling ashamed
  • Seeing the illness as a blessing in disguise
  • Using her experience to help others
  • Working with past life regression to help her clients feeling better and speak their truth in this life
  • Finding correlation about sexual repression in past lives that show in this life and that's why often people are too afraid to come out 
  • Reprogramming your mind and finding you soul's purpose
  • How to transition and deal with the response of the people you love
  • Creating a supporting net first and not rushing in coming out if it doesn't feel safe

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