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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Sep 1, 2021

Hello and Welcome back!


It has been almost a year since my last episode and I am so excited to talk again about some amazing topics and bring to you stories of amazing soulful women.⁠


This year has been full of changes, not just for me but for a lot of people and, since so much has happened I decided to spice up the first new episode!

I asked my friend Novalee Wilder to interview me!⁠


It’s time to talk a bit about me, share my stories and tell you more in details about what I do and what I love.


In this episode we talked about:

  1. How intuition played and plays a role in my life and the times in which I wasn't able to trust myself.⁠


  1. How my intuition led me to take 2 of the most important decisions of my life. ⁠
  2. Moving to London in 2009, my journey into self-discovery & spirituality and how, in the same way this year, after 12 years, I decided to move back to Italy. How my energy has been affected. Novalee shares her perception in my shift in energy having witnessed me for the last year.⁠


  1. What is color therapy, how it works and how I help my clients with it.⁠


  1. What does it mean to surrender, why it's important to do it and my personal lesson this year⁠


  1. Why trusting your intuition is important and what's the reason why women struggle to trust it.⁠


  1. What excites me the most about what I do and why helping my clients to know and understand themselves is at the core of what I do.⁠


  1. My new passion for Human Design - how I think is a great addition to colour therapy and how it can help you to learn more about yourself. Here Novalee shares her experience of having received a HD reading with me and what she felt and took away from it.⁠


My friend Novalee was in episode 27 and since then something clicked between us and we became good friends. I'm truly grateful for her and, for everything this podcast, its guests and you listening/watching has brought about for me. Which is simply, deep joy.⁠

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!




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