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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Sep 4, 2019

Welcome to Episode 1 of Intuitive Queens podcast.


My name is Mara, I am The Intuition Queen and I have created this podcast to inspire you, make you think and possibly take action to find and live your purpose.


In this episode I am interviewing Beata Przystalski, Modern Femininity and Self Love coach.


Beata will talk about her story and how she went from being a workaholic in her corporate job, money driven and disconnected from herself, her body and her heart, to building a coaching business that helps women to reconnect to their heart, their body and teaches them how to love themselves more.


She became an expert in self-care and hormonal balance after a breakdown, that she now she calls a breakthrough.


When she realised there was nobody in Germany, her country, that could fulfil her needs to connect with more women and learn more about her body and how she could improve her life listening to it, she decided to become that person.


She is now a sought after coach, especially in Germany, specialised in femininity and hormonal balance, as more women want to learn about femininity, self-love, inner connection so they can improve their lives.


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