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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Oct 20, 2021

Welcome to Episode 67 from your Intuition Queen.

In this episode I interview Vanessa Sophie, an astro-brand coach.


Vanessa tells us how she always knew she wanted to become an entrepreneur and how the combination between branding and astrology was natural.


Vanessa and I talk about:


  • People seeing our potential before we do
  • Feeling resistant in using our gifts
  • Overcoming resistance and expand your offerings
  • How opportunities present to you when you’re in alignment
  • Overcoming the fear of judgment and adding spirituality to her offers
  • How Vanessa’s intuition kicked in because it felt authentic and right
  • Fearing that friends and family will judge you
  • Following your Human Design strategy and your magnetism
  • Feeling afraid to not know enough, not feeling good enough
  • What is astro branding and how it works
  • Getting clarity within themselves and within their brand
  • Using astrology, Human Design and Numerology together, to give clients clarity and give them a strategy that fits them and align it with their brand
  • The 4 Cs
  • What an astrologer-branding session looks like
  • Helping spiritual entrepreneurs to market themselves easily, being aligned with their energy with the correct strategy
  • What does it mean being magnetic


This year I want to make this podcast interactive and you have the change to talk to me and my guests live. You can come live asking questions about what we talked about in the episode or anything else that you wish! 

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