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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Oct 6, 2021

In this episode I'm interviewing Lavinia Brown - Psychodynamic Coach and Inner child Healing Expert for mums.

Lavinia talks about the fact that her intuition only kicked in in moments of deep crisis, otherwise she would just be doing what everyone told her to do and numb her feeling, until she had her second daughter and everything changed.

Lavinia and I talk about:


  • Being the good girl and following what everybody wanted her to do
  • Not knowing how to feel or hear her intuition in her 20ies
  • Being successful and have money but feeling unhappy
  • Using food as a coping mechanism
  • Learning that her children had feelings and change the way she parented them
  • The importance of healing your inner child, generally but especially as a parent
  • Understanding your triggers
  • Feeling safe within yourself, what it means and how to understand if you do or not
  • Knowing yourself
  • Heal yourself to break the generation chain of pain




This year I want to make this podcast interactive and you have the change to talk to me and my guests live. You can come live asking questions about what we talked about in the episode or anything else that you wish! 

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