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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

In this episode I'm interviewing Lisa Santine - Architect, Tarot Reader & Creator and Astrologer


Lisa talks about being intuitive as child. She would have conversation with her spirit guides from the age of 5/6. Lisa describes them with a big heart in the middle. 

She talks about always knowing what she wanted to be, growing interested in esoteric topics and having to hide from her parents; becoming a successful architect; being stopped in her track by her spirit guide, going though a major dark night of the soul with the purpose of getting her to share her gifts.


Lisa and I talk about:


  • Being intuitive from a young age
  • Being curious about tarot, astrology, palmistry etc
  • How Lisa already knew where she was going to study and what she would be doing in life
  • Feeling the energy so intensely to want to stop everything
  • Not listening to her guides, despite having followed their guidance for years
  • Her guides stopping her in her track with a major illness
  • Surrendering
  • Finally listening and sharing her gifts as a tarot reader and astrologer
  • Being a successful architect and also a successful tarot reader and creator at the same time
  • Using astrology and tarot to get guidance




This year I want to make this podcast interactive and you have the change to talk to me and my guests live. You can come live asking questions about what we talked about in the episode or anything else that you wish! 

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