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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Sep 8, 2021

In this episode I'm interviewing Ashely Vincent, Spiritual life and Business Coach.

Ashley talks about how she started her life living how she should have, but something within her was curious to understand how you can live a better life, since some people were living it.

Ashley and I talk about:

  • living life as you should but feeling there is a better way
  • how an health issue and a change of diet opened up a channel for Ashley where her intuition blew up
  • knowing there is a better and more fulfilling way to live life and asking how
  • following that desire to improve
  • releasing people and situations that were holding Ashley back
  • how a trip to LA made her feel that was her place to be
  • moving to LA but having to leave after a while
  • the importance of releasing control and surrendering
  • understanding there is a divine plan
  • using the lockdowns to grow her business
  • becoming a very successful coach, through effort and determination
  • how Human Design changed Ashley's life and how she is now using it with her clients
  • trusting your intuition and the power of synchronicities



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