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Intuitive Queens Podcast

May 13, 2020

Welcome to Episode 39 of Intuitive Queens podcast from your Intuition Queen.


My name is Mara and I have created this podcast to inspire you with the stories of my guests and how they overcame fears, limiting beliefs, tragedies and obstacles and managed to find their purpose following their intuition. My hope is that you will resonate with one or all of them and their story will get you to take-action to change your life, and finally go after your dreams.


In this episode I am Interviewing Pearl Flax, Marriage Coach.



As Pearl tells us in the episode, she is an expert in broken relationships and this is the reason why she is so passionate to help couples to understand themselves and learn how to communicate, heal and stay together.


Her first marriage was toxic and ended up with a divorce and 6 years in court.

Despite this, Pearl came out drained but stronger and people started telling her she had to help other women in similar situations, to impower them, help them and she did.


In the meantime, she started dating another guy that turned out to be not the right guy but this time she listened to her intuition.


He wanted her to see his therapist, Pearl went and that’s where she discovered she needed to heal herself, her inner child from previous hurts, from broken relationships if she wanted to have a healthy and loving one.

Pearl says she did that for her daughter and also because she knew that the next relationship had to be with a man that was her best friend.


At that point she went on a healing journey and started helping couple that were going through a divorce as side hussle, while she kept working in corporate.


She eventually married her best friend years after.

2 years into the marriage a tragic event made her realised that her calling was not to be a mediator but to help couples understand and heal each other so that they can be together and be happy again, because as she says, some couple should split but most couple only need to learn to understand and heal each other.


We talk about communication, healing ourselves and our inner child and releasing past hurts so that we can trust and love again.

We talk about the importance to connect to ourselves, love and heal ourselves so that we can be ready for beautiful relationships.


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