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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

Welcome to Episode 36 of Intuitive Queens podcast from your Intuition Queen.

My name is Mara and I have created this podcast to inspire you with the stories of my guests and how they overcame fears, limiting beliefs, tragedies and obstacles and managed to find their purpose following their intuition. My hope is that you will resonate with one or all of them and their story will get you to take-action to change your life, and finally go after your dreams.


In this episode I am Interviewing Leticia Ringe, a holistic business coach and host of: Create a life that is beautiful Podcast.


Leticia tells us how the need to make a different and have a meaningful career and at the time she was looking at top rated ones and she ended up becoming a lawyer despite the signs along the way.

The realisation that that was only to fulfil her need to validate her worth, came after.


One day while running, she felt an excruciating pain and from that moment she went on a journey to discover the causes of a probable endometriosis, which led Leticia to learn natural way of healing and understand that the corporate world was not supporting her body.


This also took Leticia to learn to connect to herself and her menstrual cycle, something that allowed her to connect to her intuition and became a great passion for her, to the point that she now teaches her clients how to work with the menstrual or moon cycle.


In this episode we talk a lot about how our body speaks to us and how important it is to learn to connect and listen to ourselves in order to find the right path and make decisions that light us up.


We talk about how the majority of women has some sort of hormonal imbalance or pain and how this is associated to the fact that to fit into an old scheme of what women should be or doing, we repress our creativity to fit in and that’s when our body reacts, trying to tell us something.


Leticia’s story moves from Sydney to London where, she changes slightly career while she tries to figure out what exactly she wanted to do.

Thanks also to a supportive partner that challenges to think without fear.


When she finally leaves her corporate job, Leticia goes travelling first and once back she follows her curiosity and starts doing things and get interested only things that make feel good.


That’s how she became a business and coach then a holistic business coach and how she decided to use the menstrual cycle as a tool to help women navigate their career better, just connecting to their natural phases.


Leticia explains the importance of connecting with the menstrual or moon cycle, to work on mindset and energy in order to always be in the flow and be able to express your creativity freely, that you are an entrepreneur or an employee.


Listen to the full episode to learn more about how to tune into your menstrual or moon cycle and listen to Leticia full story, you can find this episode on all major podcast applications, itunes, spotify or you can watch it on my You Tube Channel.








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