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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Welcome to Episode 31 of Intuitive Queens podcast.


My name is Mara, I am your Intuition Queen and I have created this podcast to inspire you and maybe take-action to find and live your purpose.


In this episode I am talking about awakening after the lowest and maybe most tragical moment in your life.

I found, talking to people and also through personal experience, that when something deeply negative happens to us or we feel deeply fearful, something shifts and that can become the beginning of our awakening.


There is a power in feeling helpless, lost and down because, most of us do not want to feel that way and so, in taking little steps to feel better, our life changes dramatically.


Often times, it’s in those moments that we start listening to our intuition, to that voice inside of us that has been telling us for a long time to pursue a certain path but we never listened.


I feel it’s that feeling that, if you have gone so low, there is nothing to lose. We lose the attachment and that’s when everything shifts!


To give you a more tangible evidence of what I am talking about I refer back to some of my guests, so that you can hear their stories you can see that, in many different ways, in many different situation, the worsts can turn into the best moment of their life.


I mention my friend Dellann in Episode 7, who all of a sudden sees her life is crumbling down when her husband is diagnosed with brain tumor and how this situation gives her the need to create a fundation that helps people affected by such terrible illness. 18 years after she stills run it with extreme passion helping millions of people to know more, be seen by the right specialists and live better.


I talk about other guests where the things they have in common is not knowing what to do, feeling lost, helpless and having someone that mentions an event, a person that can help and when they follow that need of feeling better, that’s when they step into a new path, the right one.


I talk a lot about my personal experience and how moving to London started the massive shift in myself and my personality an allowed me to be truly me. Only because I followed my intuition.


What you see now is the result of years of struggling and working on myself to get out of this lack mindset.

It’s been a work in progress from day one and that’s why I am here to share my story.


Finding my purpose and stop making excuses only happened after my dad passed away, because I also felt like I described above; hopeless, broken and in the darkest moment of my life but I knew I didn’t want to stay there and that I had to make my life happen.


I talk about the limitations and expectations we put on ourselves and how the feeling of being a failure and not good enough can creep in, even when you are doing a good job!


Related to this topic there is particular episode that I had in November last year that showed me how, it is so important to keep your vibrations high, to stay positive, to keep working and be hopeful. Especially when it’s difficult, you don’t know what to do and you are afraid of what’s coming.

In that moment, you need to trust yourself and your ability to make it and come out if that situation as a winner.


I talk about how to raise your vibrations and go from a low vibrational feeling to the next possible available, the one that makes you feel a little bit better so that you can easily move up the scale, instead of feeling that more overwhelmed because you can’t go from sadness to happiness in one click.


I give practical tips so that you can really start to take that small action you need to be more aware, to feel a little bit better.

That will allow you to see that you are capable of changing your situation, shifting your perception and raise your energy.


I hope you will be inspired and feel ready to take action!


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