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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

EP 87 Indigo in color therapy and reiki, the meanings and how to use its energies Welcome to Episode 87 of Intuitive Queens Podcast, from your Intuition Queen!

Today I talk about Indigo, the colour of wisdom, vision, a deep intuitive mind.

In this episode I talk about the energies of indigo, what they mean in colour therapy, how I use it and what happens when the energy of a colour pops up in your energy field during a session.

You will also learn what it means in reiki and how I integrated the 2 practises when I work with my clients.

Finally, I will be giving you tips on how to use the colour or when not to use it.

In this episode I talk about the colour indigo:

- what is the energy related to indigo in colour therapy

- positive and negative tendencies of indigo in colour therapy and what it means when you have it in your chart

- what it mean when indigo pops up in the energy field of a client

- indigo and the energy of wisdom, spiritual investigation, deep connection to spirit/god

- indigo as the energy of detachment, trust and surrender

- what is indigo related to in reiki and how to learn to learn to have an open mind, connect to mind, body and spirit and find inner balance

- tips on how to use or not use the energy of indigo

- the importance of doing inner work and learn important lesson from every experience and person we come across in our lives, in order not to be hostage of fear 

- questions to help you understand where are you at energetically and emotionally

- oracle card message for the collective

Feel free to let me know what you think, if you resonated with this colour and if this episode has been helpful.



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