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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Nov 13, 2019

Welcome to Episode 13 of Intuitive Queens Podcast from your Intuition Queen.


My name is Mara, I am The Intuition Queen and I have created this podcast to be inspired and take-action to find and live your purpose.


In this episode, I am interviewing Jen Shin who is the host of your soul is knocking podcast, a Reiki Master and Beyond Quantum healing pratictioner.


Jen is Korean American and her family is very religious.

Growing up she found herself questioning some of the beliefs coming from her Christian community. She didn’t like the fear-based approach that her religion was preaching so she started asking herself questions.


Together with a friend they tried past life regressions and a new world opened up for Jen.

She started reading other books, came across psychics and she started getting answers to all the questions she had.


However, as from one side she started feeling better because she could finally resonate with what she was finding out, on the other side she could not share her new vies on spirituality and god.


Luckily her best friend and sister were there supporting her as they also believed there was a better way to live god and there was more to what they had been taught.


It was through meditation that Jen, asking what she could have done, she received a beautiful message that said it started with her.


She started looking within and realised that we are all connected.

That’s how her journey into healing began and reframing the thinking around the world healer, she became one.

This is also the reason why she started her podcast Your Soul is Knocking, so that she could continue to explore the topic and connect to more likeminded professionals.




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