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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Oct 16, 2019

Welcome to Episode 9 of Intuitive Queens podcast.


My name is Mara, I am your Intuition Queen and I have created this podcast to inspire you and take-action to find and live your purpose.


In this episode, I am interviewing Sibylle Koelbl who is a Breakthrough Coach and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator.


Sibylle will tell us how she has always been an independent soul and moved out of Germany when she was only 16 because she didn’t feel that was the place for her.


From there she moved to London where she went up the corporate ladder but something didn’t feel right so she moved to Brazil.


Being half German and half South American, that could potentially become her happy place but after two years she felt the need to go back to London.


However, sometimes after she moved back to Germany despite not being something that she logically wanted.

Sibylle will tell us how this message was coming strongly from inside of her that when she mentioned it to her boss, all of a sudden everything aligned so fast that she didn’t have time to process the whole things and she moved.


That’s where she realised that in all those years she had been moving in her career and from country to country just to avoid listening to her intuition and really look into herself and what needed to be healed.


When her body stopped moving one Monday morning, after the initial denial, she released that this was a clear messages to listen.

Despite being a yoga teacher, she had ignored all the teachings she had learnt and went into a full on immersion of work and started to ignore her intuition and any other messages.


Until this pain she had in her body made her look at her current situation and that’s how she started following a path of healing and self-enquiring to understand what she really wanted and how she could make it happen.

That’s when she decided not to follow anybody’s rules but to only listen to her intuition and remove anything that was not aligned to her soul desires.


Sibylle tells us how setting up boundaries was a difficult process for her but also how that changed her and made her more credible to the people she was surrounded by.

Now that she had a clear vision of where she wanted to go and what she wanted in her life, she was sure it was her decision and this showed in her new way of being.


That’s how Sibylle found her centre.


Sibylle explain to us what is a cacao ceremony.

How in this beautiful ceremony you can purely reconnect to yourself and listen to your intuition, to move forward.


As a coach she also helps women in one to one session or retreats, where she helps her clients embracing their true self so that they can be authentic and be free to be themselves.


Sibylle and I have talked about so many topics, so check out the full episode on itunes or spotify – search for INTUITIVE QUEENS PODCATS

or watch it on my you tube @theintuitionqueen.


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