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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Oct 2, 2019

Welcome to Episode 7 of Intuitive Queens podcast.

My name is Mara, I am The Intuition Queen and I have created this podcast to be inspire you and help you taking-action to find and live your purpose. 

In this episode, I am interviewing Dellann Elliott Mydland who is the founder, President and Board chair of the End Brain Cancer Initiative formerly known as the Chris Elliott fund.

Dellann tells us how her experience, after her late husband Chris was diagnosed with brain cancer, brought her and Chris to create a fund to help people diagnosed with brain cancer getting the best care. 

Dellann tells us how one day she had this thought of deep happiness looking at her children playing in the back garden, how her life looked like a fairy tale but also how that thought scared her. 

She believes this was a sign from her intuition, as 2 weeks later her life changed forever.

During the months in which Dellann and Chris went around doctors and learnt about this disease and the procedures, they also went through a lot of mis-information and errors. 

This led them to set up the Chris Elliott Fund, which is now, the eEd Brain Cancer Initiative, weeks before Chris passed away.

Dellann talks about everything they have learnt in the process and how she has understood that there are better practises than the standard practises received in American hospitals.

How important it is to inform and support patients and their family or care giver in such fragile and critical moments.

The has now been running for 17 years and Dellann is still passionate about making sure the American system is changed for the better.

Dellann and her team have a ton of information on their website and they are reachable to talk to patients, families and care giver about everything.

From the emotional aspect to the financial aspect.

As Dellann explains, brain cancer can happen to everybody but statistics show that men are the ones suffering this disease the most.

This brings issues in the financial aspect as often men are the only one with an income or with the major income in a family.

This is why Dellann is open to talk to women about their emotional and financial situation, so that she can guide them through it.

This disease is devasting not only physically and emotionally but also financially and The End Brain Cancer initiative is there to inform and help everybody affected by this disease with theoretical and practical support.

Dellann’s experience and expertise are there for everybody that needs it and she is passionate to help as many people as possible to do everything possible to get patients to survive and to help the families of the ones that unfortunately don’t make it. 

Dellann explains in detail how the American system works and how, through the 3 programmes they have on The End Brain Cancer initiative, they are working on different levels to make sure the correct information is given and patients are referred to the right specialists.

The team at the The End Brain Cancer initiative has 3 programmes where they effectively help and continue to work to get involved in clinical trials, changing laws and procedure.

Since the End Brain Cancer initiative is a charity, they can only able to help so many people through donations.

If you wish to help and donate to help saving lives, you can do so on their website

To know more about their programmes visit

The way Dellann has turned her tragedy into her purpose was a sign from the universe.

She believes that everything happens for a reason and even tragedies, can hide a deeper meaning to it and she strongly believes that they happen so that you can use that experience to help other people.

This is what she is doing right now with a passion project.

She has teamed up with Lisa Reck, my guest on episode 5, to co-write a book. 

They are now collecting stories of people who have gone through tragedies and they have managed to move on and use that experience to serve other people. 

If you are one of them and you would like to share your story in their upcoming book, email

To listen to Dellann’s full story, understand more about the American medial system for Brain cancer and know all the details about what to submit for your story, listen to the full Episode on Itunes or Spotify.

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