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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Sep 4, 2019

Welcome to Episode 3 of Intuitive Queens podcast.


My name is Mara, I am The Intuition Queen and I have created this podcast to be inspired and take action to find and live your purpose.


In this episode I am interviewing Susanna Liller, coach, speaker and the author of the book “YOU ARE A HEROINE”.



Susanna tells us about her personal and professional journey and how at some point she had to learn to listen to her intuition at 35. That made her realise, things have to change and her marriage was the first one.


She starts her career working in corporate and then started her own business with a colleague as a consultant but that didn’t last long as her colleague decide to leave at some point and here Susanna was faced with the fear of not being good enough, not being able to do it by herself which she explains in the episode where that came from.


She eventually keeps going and creating a thriving consulting business and also a coaching business, empowering women.



At some point though, her intuition drops in again and she is faced with the decision to have to let one her businesses go and to her surprise it’s not the consulting one that she drops.


She drops the women empowerment company because she feels called to write a book about the heroin journey, which has been published last year.


In her book “You are a heroine” she talks about the journey women go through, as some point in their lives and more than once.

She calls the milestones.


The first one is as simple as answering to the call, then the journey takes heroin to meeting the threshold guardians which can be either mentors or negative people or thoughts that try to stop her.

Th next milestone requires the heroin to cross the threshold - take the leap which will lead her to meet the dragon, her fears and limiting beliefs.

Once passed that milestone, the heroine crosses the return threshold which finally lead her to meet her community and therefore finding freedom.


As Susanna explains the journey of the heroin, she also talks about herself and her journey and how important for her it has been learning to listen to her intuition and following her.


Every woman goes through the heroin journey more than once in life, however, often women are afraid to listen to the call and decide to stay in their comfort zone even if that means not being happy.


With this book Susanna wants to encourage and empower women to navigate the journey with more awareness so that they can take the next step and reach the final destination to freedom and to a life full of purpose.


In her book and in our interview, we talk about the importance of listening to your intuition and your inner voice.

Once you follow your intuition, things start to align for you to get on a journey that will allow you to finally express yourself as you are meant to.


To learn more about Susanna’s journey, her book and have tips on how to listen to connect and listen to your intuition, listen to the episode.


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