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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Jan 26, 2022

Welcome to episode 81 of Intuitive Queens Podcasy from your Intuition Queen! Today I have a special guest and a name and face you already know because she has been a guest in the first season.

Jolinda Johnson, burnout and peri menopause coach is back again because since we last talk her niche expanded and she became an expert in a topic that is not much talked about and that all women should know more of.

If you want to listen to the first interview I had with Jolinda, you can check episode 44.

In this episode Jolinda and I go straight to the topic and we talk about:

- learning about perimenopause should start at 35, in order to prepare to the changes that menopause will bring

- dropping gender from her business

- discovering through personal experience and her client's, and how how you might start to question issues related to gender and sexuality

- looking at who you want to be

- a time of coming back home and reclaim your power

- debunking myths about menopause

- understanding the changes in your body and prepare

- synpthoms of peri menopause and menopause

- learning how to support your body in the process

- how women's mental health is affected by it

- how this transition, is energetically a point in time where what has been repressed will come to the surface

- becoming your own advocate

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