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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Jun 24, 2020

Welcome to Episode 45 of Intuitive Queens podcast from your Intuition Queen.

My name is Mara and I have created this podcast to inspire you with the stories of my guests and how they overcame fears, limiting beliefs, tragedies and obstacles and managed to find their purpose following their intuition.

My hope is that you will resonate with one or all of them and their story will get you to take-action to change your life, and finally go after your dreams.


In this episode I am interviewing Kerry Kott, Physician of oriental medicine and alchemist.


Kerry’s story starts when she was 19 and a college student, doing what most students do at time, have fun!

Just she was hunted by a sharp pain, and after trying to hide it, it got to a point where Kerry had to tell her parents and see doctors who started to give her advice on how to resolve the issue and how her life was going to be but Kerry knew there was something not right, knew that what she was boing told wasn’t it and she kept searching for alternatives.

As she says, she didn’t know what but she would have known once she saw it.


She met this doctor who was a kinesiologist and did a lot of different test, Kerry didn’t know or understand what he was doing but she knew that was right, it felt right and she was right because she followed his advice and started to feel better.


This was a sort of awakening for Kerry, as she went back to get her college degree she realised that, becoming an accountant was not what she wanted to do. She only had 3 months left and she drop out and signed up to a Chinese medicine school.


Kerry tells us also how things happened in a way that brought her to find the school in Miami she went to and graduated from.


We talk about this inner knowing that made Kerry followed and that shape her life and still does it.

We dive deeper into what it means to have this inner knowing, how you might feel and how to recognised based on personal experience.


Kerry explains to us what it meant to be a Chinese medicine Doctor and how her clients want to see her to heal physical or emotional pain and how she creates herbal formulas that will help her clients to heal.


For Kerry it’s important to understand what’s going on in her patient’s life to understand where the pain is coming from.


We talk about plant and how they can help you, how we are all interconnected and how plants are connected to emotions, limiting beliefs and how you can release yourself from emotional and physical pain.


Listen to the full episode to learn more about how to connect to yourself, mother nature and heal.


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