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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Dec 8, 2021

Welcome to Episode 74 of Intuitive Queens Podcast, from your Intuition Queen.


Money, money, money.

This is one of the topics most popular that most people want to work on and understand how to make more, how to attract clients and live that fulfilled life they have realised they can have.

Most of my clients are spiritual entrepreneurs and making money while doing what they love and be at service to other people, is important for them.

However, through my personal experience and working with clients  and energies I learnt that, when your energies are low and your nervous system is all over the place, you'll struggle to attract clients and therefore money, because we are energy and so is money.

In this episode I talk more in details about our energy and the energy of money, I share a couple of client's stories and how we worked together with colour therapy and I also share my personal story.

Stay until the end for the chance to win my first give away - a 45 minute Energy reading with a combination of Colour Therapy and Human Design.

Listen to the end for the instruction and play with me! Good luck!

In this episode I talked about:


  1. Why you can't attract clients and money when your energy and nervous system is not in the right place
  2. Why learning to understand how you function energetically and emotionally is important to respond to life situations
  3. Knowing yourself can help you bringing yourself back to centre quicker
  4. Knowing yourself helps you make better decision
  5. Stories from a couple of clients that wanted to work on attracting clients and money and what was in their chart
  6. My personal situation that thought me something important about attracting clients and money
  7. Participate to the give away - a 45 minute Energy reading with a combination of Colour Therapy and Human Design - follow the instructions at the end.

Good luck if you're participating to the giveaway.

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