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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Nov 17, 2021

Welcome to Episode 71 of Intuitive Queens Podcast.⁠

In this episode I interview Kristina Sullivan, Soul Igniter and Empowerment Coach.

Kristina story is the embodiment of what it means to follow your heart and trust your intuition, even in the most difficult moments.

Kristina lost her mum and sister a few months apart when she was still young and despite the heart break, she decided to continue her journey and go to Australia because she felt pulled to go, she knew that's where she will heal.

Throughout her story you will hear a strong trust in herself and her heart, leading her to all the synchronicities in her life but also through deep healing when she was going through difficult times.

Kristina talks a lot about meditation and journaling as her way to understand the messages of heart, heal and take aligned action towards her dreams, that keep on renewing over time.

Kristina and I talk about:⁠

  • animals as her intuitive messengers
  • following her heart even in the most difficult moment of her life
  • losing almost all the family and her way to grieve
  • not feeling selfish to chose what her heart wanted vs what her sister expected of her
  • finding her way through meditation and other ways to heal, in a foreign country
  • life synchronicities when you're in alignment
  • trusting that what your intuition is telling you is where you need to go
  • staying true to herself
  • realising that what made you feel good in the past doesn't necessary make you feel good in the present and finding the courage to change her life, following her intuition
  • choosing to have it all
  • finding the sanctuary within
  • manifesting her heart's desires by doing inner work and trusting herself

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