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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Dec 5, 2020

Welcome to Episode 59 of Intuitive Queens podcast from your Intuition Queen. My name is Mara Marchesi, I am an intuitive & Creative Coach and Healer.

I have created this podcast to inspire you with the stories of my guests and how they overcame fears, limiting beliefs, tragedies and obstacles and managed to find their purpose following their intuition. My hope is that you will resonate with one or all of them and their story will get you to take-action to change your life, and finally go after your dreams. A few weeks ago I celebrated a year since I started this podcast and today is the last episode of the season, which is not so much a season.

At the end of September, after a year long podcasting I decided to take a break and start over again in 2021 but with all that has happened this year, I felt compelled to share the last episode of 2020 to talk about this incredible year.

As we our energies are on a hype for what's going on in the world and because this year is finally almost over, I want to remind you to assess 2020 before kissing it goodbye.

This year has been the most challenging, difficult and painful we have ever had and aside from the global situation, on an individual level we have all suffered some major change in life.

In this episode I talk about the importance of acknowledging and understanding the lessons that have been brought to us.

We have had to make changes and take actions in a way that we could not ever think about and this has changed us deeply so what can we take away from this?

How did we handled the fears that surfaced through the year?

How did we handled ourselves.

As I walk you through ways to wrap up this year and assess it, so that you can objectively move forward, I share some of my person experience over the year that forced me to do things I swore I would never do but that, funnily enough, have brought me into alignment.

Some of you might still have some feelings still linger over and some others of you might be anxious about meeting family for Christmas.

However you feel, if you feel there is still something hold you back and you feel its time to release it, I talk about the Christmas Spiritual Tool Box, my gift to you, to end this 2020 in the best way possible, happier, higher.

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Feel free to share what have been the lessons that 2020 has thought you!