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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Oct 28, 2019

Welcome to Episode 11 of Intuition Queen Podcast, from your Intuition Queen.


In this episode I am interview Sofia Molnar who is an intuitive guide, healer and teacher.


Sofia is Canadian but has been living in Japan for 16 years, and that’s where all begin.


Despite the fact that Japan had never been on Sofia’s mind she tells us how a voice inside told her to go. How insistent that voice was.

Through a series of coincidences or fate guided situations, she ended up working for a school there and what she needed started manifesting.


You will see how manifestation is a big part of Sofia’s life, professionally and personally.


From her husband to a lot of other important steps in her life.


At the beginning of her life in Japan, she felt there was a veil on her healing and intuitive gifts.

She wouldn’t practise any of the things she had learnt and came naturally for her, until a day when she was helping a friend cutting cords.


From that moment Sofia regained her power and felt relaxed and at ease enough to move on and continue using her gift with other people and building a side business on it, that is now her main business.


We talk about card reading, inner child healing and cord cutting and how Sofia is able to go into people energetic space and remove blocks that are stopping people from moving forward in their lives.


Sofia gives practical examples and explain show everything works and talks about her new courses on discovering yourself and money manifestation.


To listen to the full story and know more about her services, listen to the full episode on Itunes, Spotify or watch on my you tube channel: @theintuitionqueen.



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