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Intuitive Queens Podcast

Sep 24, 2019

Welcome to Episode 6 of Intuitive Queens Podcast.


My name is Mara, I am The Intuition Queen and I have created this podcast to be inspired and take-action to find and live your purpose.


In this episode, I am interviewing Robin L. Owens Phd who is the creator of the Purpose Based Decision System.


Robin tells us how from young age she learnt to ask herself what she needed and wanted and how that helped her making decisions aligned to herself and could follow what she thought was that purpose at that time.


Robin’s first job was as a branch manager in a bank and as many would thing at that time, she had the best job she could find and she had arrived.

However, that was not what Robin was thinking. She realised pretty soon that she wanted to do something different, where she could help people and make a difference in those people’s lives.

The more time passed, the more she started to have physical symptoms.

From the most common dreading feeling that comes on a Sunday evening or when the alarm went off in the morning to constant headaches.

But what got Robin make a decision was when, one day her nose started bleeding at work.


During her lunch break she got in the car and started asking herself, what would make her really happy in a job.

The answer came from within and it was, to make a difference in other people’s lives.


Robin’s career has always been pretty straight forward, because she always asked.


Once she understood what she wanted, she then made a plan to exit the job and went on looking for what she wanted.


Asking herself, understanding her passions and her values has been Robin’s common thread when she needed to look for a new job.

Matching the company values with hers, together with what she was passionate about and what she loved led her to always find a job she enjoyed and the right people to work with.


At some point however, not long after her mum passed away she found herself having those questions about her life, herself and the meaning of life.


Robin felt she needed to understand who she was, what she wanted to become, where she was going.

That’s when she enrolled in a master in religions, to understand more about spirituality and be able to ask all those questions.


With her Phd she ended up working for a university, applying the exact same method she had for the past jobs.


Asking herself what she wanted.

Her values, her passions, what was important for her, her natural abilities.

Time and experience allowed Robin to add on to what she already knew and find places that matched everything she wanted and believed in.


That’s how she started teaching at a university in Los Angeles.


Because Robin made sure to match her career to who she was, she was always in alignment and that created multiple synchronicities that allowed her to always find what she was looking for and most importantly, to get the jobs.


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